Carport Construction in Dorset

Do you want a safe, sheltered area to store your car? At Rowtec Dorset Ltd, we offer quality carport construction in Dorset. As part of our comprehensive service, we take care of all aspects from the bespoke design to manufacture and professional installation.

Our Dorset carport construction service

Carport Construction in Dorset

Your car is one of your most important possessions, so make sure you keep it protected with a custom-built carport. A carport is a great addition to any Dorset home as it offers many of the benefits of a garage but at a fraction of the cost. We have many years’ experience in carport construction which means that we can tailor your carport to suit your requirements.

The first step of our service is to produce a detailed drawing so you have an idea of how your Dorset carport will look once construction is complete. We will then manufacture the parts using high-grade materials such as aluminium to ensure a sturdy and long-lasting result. Finally, our highly trained members of staff will erect your carport on-site wherever you choose, space depending.

At Rowtec Dorset Ltd, we believe that customers should receive nothing but high-quality standards. This attitude has earned us a great reputation as we are now one of the leading carport construction businesses in Dorset. Not only do we produce premium carports, but we offer a first-class customer service which has led to many customers referring our work to others.

Benefits of investing in a carport

There are many benefits of investing in a carport. Firstly, it will protect your car from the elements, so paintwork will not fade under the sun and convertible roofs will not be damaged by snow and sleet. Similarly, you won’t be running late due to having to defrost your car before going to work in the colder months.

Carports offer a level of convenience that garages cannot provide. While you have a sheltered space to store your car, a carport eliminates the hassle of having to open and close a garage door when you are in a rush. It is also cheaper and quicker to install a carport than a garage, however it will still increase the value of your Dorset property.

A further benefit is the versatile storage space; in the past, we have built carports that are big enough to store up to three cars. As you have the final say over the size of your carport, we can ensure the construction is the perfect size to store any of the following:

  • Bikes
  • Motorbikes
  • Caravans
  • Trailers
  • Boats and more


To find out more about the benefits of choosing our Dorset carport construction service, get in touch with our friendly team members.


View our gallery to see some of our previous Dorset carport construction work as well as examples of our other fabrication services.

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